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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

thankful: day one & two...

i'm going to try and post things i am thankful for throughout november - so, here i go with the first two days here...

november 1

i am thankful for naps. i have a cold or something and i slept most of the weekend. i still wasn't feeling well monday morning, so i was very thankful that my daughter layed down for a nap and i was able to take one too!

november 2

i am thankful that michael listened this morning as i woke up at 6:55 and the bus comes at 7:05. he jumped right out of bed, got dressed, and didn't argue at all!


  1. Nov. 1- I'm thankful for the three grumpy girls I work with. They sure keep my life at work interesting.

    Nov. 2- I'm thankful for having a cool sister like you.

  2. You won the artwork giveaway. Please email me at info (at) parenthoodforme (dot) org so I can get your address.