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Monday, March 8, 2010

i don't compartmentalize...

life doesn't fit into neatly labeled boxes. i've been trying to fit my life into boxes labeled grief for xavier, failure with finances, stress with work, disagreements with husband, frustration when kids don't listen, etc.
news flash: everything i feel is connected!
really, i already knew this, but i had forgotten or thought i could change that. turns out, i can't. my life is like a moving van and the movers haven't been too careful packing the van & all my neatly labeled boxes have been dented & ripped open & are spilling out into the back of the moving van.

my life is a moving van with busted up neatly labeled boxes rolling all over the back. everything is mixing together and that's just how it goes. i guess i'll have to continue to deal with everything as best i can in my mess of a moving van that i call my life.

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  1. Boy do I understand this feeling. Youre so right with this post, everything in my life since loosing Bryston is a jumbled up mess. I'm taking it day by day and letting God help me clean up the mess. *HUGS*