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Monday, November 15, 2010

thankful: days twelve, thirteen, fourteen, & fifteen...

...so i'm really not very good at blogging everyday! lol

day twelve: today i am thankful for the kids i work with & my coworkers. the work i do is incredibly rewarding! i love forming relationships with the kids and being able to share my faith with them and hearing about their own faith! i'm also so thankful for my co-workers who are just as willing to help the kids as i am and share their faith!

day thirteen: today i am thankful for the weekend. i can so use a break and i am really looking forward to this weekend to relax!

day fourteen: today i am thankful for my pastor. sometimes sermons just really hit home and feel like they were written just for you! today was one of those days. so glad that God works through my pastor to speak to me!

day fifteen: today i am thankful for parents sharing hope, the support group i attend for bereaved parents who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant loss. i am so looking forward to our meeting tonight!

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