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Friday, December 4, 2009

'my world' drawn 10.10.2009

From your album: "expressive art"
'my world' drawn 10.10.2009

this is about two months after my original was drawn
...four months after xavier ian's stillbirth

the colors are bolder - i used pen rather than colored pencil
i am stronger - i am beginning to heal

there are still blank stars
i still have all my bright spots
...my islands are now bright spots in my universe of healing

i swim in a sea of peace, passion, & love
my universe of hope is turning from a universe of hope into a universe of healing

~ bright spot
april & a blank star

~bright spot
God, faith, glory

~ bright spot
tonya & a blank star

~ bright spot

~ bright spot

~ bright spot
parents sharing hope

~ bright spot
family & matt

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