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Friday, December 4, 2009

'my world' drawn 8.20.2009

since losing xavier ian i have used journaling and expressive art to help grieve, cope, and heal. i drew the first 'my world' drawing in august. here it is...the captions explain the details of the drawing.

From your album:
"expressive art"

i drew 'my world' on 8.20.2009
the entire world is drawn in words...

~ the blank stars are bright spots that i have yet to discover on this journey...something so very important, but i do not know that yet.

~ i am swimming in a sea of grief

~ i am surrounded by my universe of hope

~ the squiggles in the middle of the islands are flowers to represent growth

~ notice some stars fall off the page to represent that they are from my past or going with me into the future

~ bright spot in my universe of hope - my beautiful friend april from college

~ bright spot in my universe of hope - my encouraging friend tonya from college

~ bright spot - journal
i journal a lot...more so after we first lost xavier ian, but i still journal a few times a week

~ bright spot - singing & music
i love to sing...there's just something very healing about singing praise and worship music to God in prayer

~ bright spot - parents sharing hope
this is a support group i attend of parents that have lost a baby/babies through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death

~ bright spot - matt

island of hope - family
as i swim in my sea of grief...
i am very near my family island.
xavier is the center of my world and i have joy surrounding me because i am a christian. the butterflies and cross also represent my faith.

island of hope - oaklawn
i work at oaklawn and have had much support from co-workers...it has been such a blessing

island of hope - faith, God, church
everything on this island helps to support me and grow

continent of andy - my husband, my rock

~ continent of michael - i continue to grow and keep on keeping on

~ continent of andi - again i continue to grow and keep on keeping on

xavier is the center of 'my world'
i am surrounded by growth and support
there is a whirlpool of joy that i occasionally find near xavier

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