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Thursday, February 4, 2010

eight months...

i am alive. i will survive.

it has been eight months since losing xavier ian. i am sad today. i am grieving still. i have wonderful friends and family who have been a great support system...it's just sad that they all live so far away!

my sister-in-law posted this wonderful poem on her blog:

Weeping Willow

I see your tears woman I see your pain
You wear it on your sleeve
You're trying you hide it but I know you can't
You know you can't
You sway with the wind, you are hollow
You sweep with the dance of mourning
You move like a graceful breeze.
Your child is gone, each tear that falls
Is acid burning your eyes and cheeks.
Rivers of pain that do not compare to your
One you never knew
no chance yet to know
to speak
to listen
to learn
to laugh
But old enough yet to love.
So you weep
For not only the child you lost, but for the
Dance the dance of sadness, woman
for your heart is broken

it's nice to know i'm not the only one who remembers him. sometimes, here at home, it feels like i am the only one who remembers him...the only one who doesn't want to forget. i love you xavier ian. i will always love you.

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