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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tuesday - ugh!

i don't know what is wrong today! i have no reason to be sad, but i am. i'm moody and overly emotional and i hate it!

the kids were at my parent's over the weekend and we are picking them up tonight. it's a good day. i have no reason to be moody or sad, but i am!

i'm glad i have today off and i don't have to work. wednesday when i work we are cooking chicken quesadillas and i am looking forward to that. i love cooking with the residents. it keeps me busy. it keeps my mind off xavier.

apparently tuesdays are the day i grieve hardest!
today is tuesday - ugh!


  1. Sometimes we are just sad. I know there are certain days and dates that hit me harder than others. xx

  2. Hugs Michelle. Sorry it's been a rough day.